Offer the fundamentals required to manage day-to-day risks effectively and develop knowledge and skills required to enter the workplace


  • Identify and manage workplace risks and hazards
  • Develop OSHI-safe systems and processes that positively impact how risk is managed
  • Ensures that the procedures detailed within the permit and referenced documentation are followed.
  • Investigate and determine the root cause of the incident and why did the incident occur
  •  Perform hazard investigation and conditions that would aggravate an emergency situation and work to eliminate them
  • Identify the root cause of the incident; why did the incident occur
  • produce or contribute to a construction health and safety plan
  • Impact an organization’s safety culture and behaviors


  • Responsibilities in the area of safety for dedicated inspectors
  • Focus on actual safety and health inspection based on defined standards


  • Location: 80% of the time on-site