Because of the importance of building an effective communication bridge and continuous partnership with graduates of the Institute, the “Alumni Relations Unit” has been established to communicate with them and document the relationship between the programs and their graduates to benefit from their experiences and opinions and urge them to provide moral and scientific support for inspection programs through programs and effective means of communication to support the program’s mission.

Vision Building an active and sustainable partnership with graduates


Enhancing communication and documenting the relationship between the program and its graduates through effective programs and communication to support the program’s message.


• Building a database of alumni and communicating with them wherever they are.
• Building a real partnership to achieve the future vision of the inspectors.
• A survey of graduates’ opinions about the curricula,
• the skills required, the labor market, the difficulties they faced after graduation.
• Advertise about available job opportunities, if any.
• Inviting graduates to participate in some activities held by the institute.

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