It is a pleasure for me to address you all through ITQAN’s official website. Technical & Vocational training is the most powerful tool we have to achieve the changes we desire in our industry.

Since the inception of ITQAN, the institute has made long strides in fulfilling the local market needs for inspection and quality management workforce. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the critical role that inspectors and quality personnel have in building successful businesses which deliver products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Preparing this workforce has been our mission, and is a structured step towards realizing the kingdom’s 2030 vision. Our industry partners have also been part of this mission by providing support and sponsorship to our trainees and preparing them for successful careers.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all organizations, especially the companies under the umbrella of the Energy Sector, to be part of local workforce development by sponsoring trainees at ITQAN. Together we can do our part to meet the ever-increasing demand for highly qualified inspectors and quality personnel in our industry, thereby supporting the realization of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Dr. Jamil Bagawi
ITQAN Board of Trustees