Under the name of “Foundation Day, February 22nd”, ITQAN recognized the foundation of the first Saudi state in 1727 by Imam Mohammed ibn Saud and took part in the celebration on the week of Feb 25th to Feb 29th, 2024, to commemorate and give recognition to the beginning of the Saudi state’s history with focused on the deep historical roots of the Kingdom.

Proceedings of the event included the raising of Saudi Flag, historical video documentary, cultural show, traditional dance, and the wearing of traditional dresses by trainees & staff. Rolling of congratulatory messages reflecting the festivities was activated on ITQAN’s website and other social media accounts. In addition, ITQAN MD, in the event opening speech, expressed our love and appreciation to this blessed land and to those who had the favor after Almighty Allah for our entire nation enjoys of stability and prosperity.

To conclude the event, a recognition award was given by ITQAN MD & ITQAN ITP (Lincoln College Int.) Vice Dean to high-achieving trainees (Dean’s List) as of the current semester.