On Thu, Oct 20th, 2022, ITQAN Managing Director along with the top three (3) ITQAN Occupational Health & Safety Inspection (OH&SI) trainees have attended the Aramco’s Taleed Program Launch at the Ghawar Hall in Dhahran as hosted & initiated by Saudi Aramco National Champions (Leap10). The objective of this new program is to create, sustain, and grow Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Kingdom, aiming to create thousands of jobs and maximize GDP contribution. Proceedings of the ceremony include an opening remarks by the Technical Services, Senior Vice President, Mr. Ahmad A. Al Sa’adi, followed by awarding ceremony and signing of 30 MoUs, and the announcement of the significant SME funding programs to drive SME development. Top three (3) ITQAN OH&SI trainees were recognized and awarded as the 1st Adopters of National Vocational Apprenticeship Program. In addition, ITQAN MD & OH&SI trainee took part in the Vocational Success Story Video that was played during the ceremony, a general video that inspires the public to join the vocational training sector. ITQAN is in full support of this new initiatives “Taleed Program”, and looking forward to work collaboratively with Saudi Aramco National Champions (Leap10) and explore areas of alignment especially in vocational upskilling & jobs creation.