On Wed, May 3rd, 2023, in accordance with the recent government regulations against Drugs, ITQAN launched an Anti-Drugs Awareness Campaign in coordination with the Preventive Programs in Drug Control of the Eastern Province at the ITQAN Multipurpose Hall. The Director, Mr. Ahmed Ali Al-Salihi, was invited to deliver a presentation on the negative health, social and financial impact of drugs in the society. The presentation was attended by all trainees. In addition, ITQAN MD gave an inspirational message focusing on the negative side of drugs against the government efforts in Saudizing the inspection industry and job opportunities. The program will roll over for a period of one year in order to ensure that all trainees will stay safe at all times. To conclude the session, a Trophy of Appreciation was awarded to the invited guest lecturer in recognition of his support of ITQAN and the health and safety development of ITQAN trainees.