ITQAN 16th Board of Trustees (BoT) Meeting

On Monday, September 27th, 2021, ITQAN Board of Trustees held its’ 16th meeting at ITQAN Institute. The board welcomed the arrival of the new BoT Chairman, Dr. Jamil J. Al-Bagawi and new BoT members, Khalid Z. Al-Sulaim and Bassam M. Al-Dossary. During the meeting, BoT members discussed performance improvement efforts implemented at ITQAN, challenges and future outlook. Items discussed included among others, Safety Officer Initiative Plan (New Discipline), Financial Statements (Q1 to Q2 2021), and a presentation by the New International Training Provider (Lincoln College) with focused on Full Trainees Safe Return Onsite Training, Academic Progress, and COVID19 Vaccination Statistics. The outcome of the meeting was providing guidance for performance improvements and future operational options for the institute.