ITQAN QHSE Integrated Manual

QHSE Integrated Manual ​

ITQAN Management Procedures

ITQAN-MP-01 External Internal Issues

ITQAN-MP-02 Hazard Identification Risk Assessment

ITQAN-MP-03 Environmental Aspect Impact

ITQAN-MP-04 Legal and Other requirements

ITQAN-MP-05 Planning Objectives

ITQAN-MP-06 Communication Consultation and Participation

ITQAN-MP-07 Training

ITQAN-MP-08 Control of Documented Information

ITQAN-MP-09 Externally Provided process

ITQAN-MP-10 Operation Control

ITQAN-MP-11 Emergency Preparedness and Response

ITQAN-MP-12 Incident Investigation

ITQAN-MP-13 Internal Audit and Corrective Action

ITQAN-MP-14 Management review

ITQAN-MP-15 Change Management

ITQAN-MP-16 Clients Satisfaction Procedure