I am Khaled Majrashi from Southern Region joined the Institute in 2016 as a Welding Inspector. A month after the start of the training and introducing the program and specialization, I felt a kind of challenge and a great desire in this specialty. I was happy to have a job before I started the training and was guaranteed to join the company that adopted my training qualification after graduating from the institute and obtaining the diploma. I have not only benefited from the scientific aspect at ITQAN, but also refined my social personality and developed my communication skills through volunteerism and recreational activities.

In January 2018, I graduated and started my career at The International Engineering Company Naizak that belongs to Abdulkarim Holding Company. I was assigned in Ras Tanura under Project Management of the Inspection Department. On this day, I can still remember how grateful I am to ITQAN for the scientific knowledge which result in starting my first step towards my professional career as Inspector. As it is known that the work is largely based on special studies in our field, after two years of work I became the Coordinator of the Inspection Department, a task assigned by my Managers. I got a lot of training courses to take to enhance my work and experience. My personal life now, two years after my graduation from ITQAN, I got married, thanks God.

Finally, I would like to thank the Institute’s management and teachers who had the virtue of after God for what I became now.

Khaled Majrashi